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In order to ensure proper mileage credit, please be sure to provide an accurate Costco membership and Aeroplan® Number. Do not register more than one Aeroplan Number with your Costco membership number. Your Costco membership number is located on the back of your Costco membership card. You only need to provide your Costco membership number and Aeroplan Number once during the promotional period. Your information will be stored and all eligible purchases* made during this promotion period and future promotions will be credited. Costco and Aeroplan are not responsible for uncredited mileage due to incorrect or inaccurately entered membership numbers.
Register and when you shop at Costco during specific promotional periods, you can earn Aeroplan Miles.

In order to qualify for Aeroplan Miles on eligible items during promotions, we need to validate your 12-digit Costco membership number and 9-digit Aeroplan Number. Once you enter your information here, you will be eligible to earn miles during all future promotions.

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